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      Data Destruction                              

BonellAssociates offer government-grade destruction services for personal and professional customers.

Data breaches or data theft can occur at each one of these stages. One very often overlooked stage is the End-of-life, or EOL.

Servers, Computers, Portable Hard drives, Cell Phones, Thumb drives, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, Tapes, Tablets, and on and on… All these devices have the potential to leak protected data from your organization when the are replaced or discarded. Think that old server that died or you virtualized doesn’t have any data on it? Think again. That iPad that fell in the pool has to have no useable data on it correct? Not so. data has been  recovered from devices of all sorts and conditions, including media immersed in salt water. The only way to assure that your end-of-life IT Assets are clear of any and all data is to have them professionally eradicated by a company like  

 At BonellAssociates, Our End-Of-Life Data Destruction services of accommodating eradication jobs of any size.

Our equipment and techniques conform to NIST SP 800-88 specifications and meet or exceed HIPPA, HiTECH, SoX, GLBA, FACTA and others. All services are performed  can rest assured that your data is being protected before and during the eradication process.

Whether you are selling your computer on an auction website, giving it to a relative, or donating it to a local church you need to ensure that your privacy is protected. Technology has made retrieving data from storage media easier than ever before. Anyone with internet access can download free tools to retrieve personal data and then exploit it!

Certified Data Destruction can give you peace of mind that your sensitive data stored will not fall into the wrong hands. As a business you are not just protecting your information but that of your customers as well.  We can perform the service at your location or ours and once we destroy the data we will provide you with a certificate of destruction to ensure you meet compliance requirements    

Symptoms of a hard drive failure

  • Your hard drive has crashed
  • You cannot access your data
  • Your computer does not start up
  • You have dropped your hard disk
  • Your USB memory stick does not work
  • Your data is corrupted or deleted


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