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How secure is your storage area ?

How long have your retired hard drives been stored ?

You may be tempted to turn your retired hard drives over to a third party for disposal just to get rid of the stockpile you have in storage. The price is right, the third party removes your old hard drives and your off the hook. Congratulations. The company you hired passes your rigorous scrutiny. Their employees are all bonded and they have a secured container to put the drives in.

Oh ! And by the way once they arrive at the third parties place of business they have video cameras to prove to you that your drives are being shredded and they are also taking pictures or scanning the drives so you’ll have a record of those drives being destroyed.     ”  REALLY ” ?




The most common failures of a computer mechanical hard drive are:

  • Head Crash: This is where the read /write heads make contact with the platter surface. This can cause a grinding or whining noise.
  • Failure Of  The Drive Spindle/ Motor Mechanism , used to rotate the platters;
  • Failure Of  The Actuator Arm used to move the read /write heads over the drive plattes. This can cause a loud clicking noise cause by the actuator arm striking the inside of the case.

Immediately power down your hard drive . Continued use of the drive will lead to greater physical damage and permanent data loss.    


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